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The restaurant and the kitchen of the hotel

At the Abacus hotel you can enjoy excellent cuisine, varied and well-prepared, with flavours of typical regional and international cuisine.
In Formula Village, the service is entirely at your buffet, to ensure greater flexibility and freedom to the guests.

The breakfast is both sweet and salty, with many types of drinks.
At lunch and dinner after a tasty appetizer, you can choose between first and second courses based on fish or meat, always accompanied by a buffet of fresh vegetables.

The restaurant is located in the first floor of the hotel is spacious and air-conditioned.

For the moms and dads, we provide a room, meals, where you can prepare the meal of the child in the manner and time required.

Cocktails and buffet in the pool

The large pool deck allows you to organize special appetizers during the days of the feast, as the Pink Night or the August holiday. In these occasions, we prepare a rich buffet of appetizers, snacks, and tasty cocktails.

Not only that, every week in the hotel there is the much-anticipated Festival Guest, a special evening that also includes a tasty buffet of sweets, watermelon and drinks served at the poolside.

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At the Abacus hotel you can discover and enjoy local flavors and dishes of the tradition.
You will find the fresh fish of the Adriatic sea, both in starters and in hot dishes, cheeses and meats of the territory.
And of course there will also be a piadina, the queen of the romagna.


Breakfast is served buffet with a wide choice of sweet and savory, with coffee, milk, tea and other drinks for all tastes.

Lunch and Dinner

Menu and treated with first and second courses of meat and fish, always accompanied by tasty starters, vegetables, salads, desserts, seasonal fruit and fruit in syrup, ice cream and sorbet.

Buffet service

All of the convenience of choosing what you want, when you want, with greater flexibility also in the hours of meals.

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Family hotels

"Having a 2 year old we found ourselves very well. From the spacious room with a balcony x draw costumes and towels, very cozy restaurant, with buffet choice of appetizers, first and second courses, fruit and dessert. (...) The hotel offers free strollers, bicycles and everything you need you need for a baby, from the chair to the broth and vegetables. "


I stayed in September 2016, traveled with family - automatic translation


"We complimented the chef, Mr. Rocco for its new and popular dishes. As always very kind staff of the restaurant and plans. Special thanks to the reception. "


I stayed in June 2016, traveled with family - automatic translation

Really good

"I was in late August with my family (3 young children, my husband and my mom). It all went well. friendly staff, nice and clean rooms, near the beach and well-equipped. We are now several years that go there and definitely going back! "

Angela S

I stayed in September 2016, traveled with family - automatic translation

We had a great time ...

"For children is always available broth or vegetable soup and there is available a room with fridge, microwave, sink and electric stove. For older kids and particularly difficult (like mine) I am always available white pasta and meats. Do not underestimate the dispenser of drinks available throughout the day and during meals, unlimited ice cream (in addition to the dessert of the day). "

Monica S

I stayed in August 2016, traveled with family - automatic translation

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